Aluminum sulfate for Water Treatment

Brief Description:
Aluminium Sulfate is white lustrous crystalline, granular or powder. Stable in the air, soluble in water, insoluble in ethanol, acidic solution. Aluminum sulfate is usually used as flocculant, used for water treatment, etc.


Aluminium Sulphate





PH (1% aqueous solution)


Water Insolube %


Applications: Used as aflocculating agent in waste water treatment, clarification and phosphorus removal, as amordant in dyeing and printing textiles, paper making, tanning, wood preservation etc.
Shape: Flakes, Granular or Powder.
Packing: PP/PE 50kg/bag; 25kg/bag; Jumbo bag or as customers’ requirements.
QTY/CTNs: 20-25MT will be loaded in per 20′FCL container. (to use wooden pallets or not).