Activated Alumina Rho Powder(ρ-Al2O3)

The product is activated alumina powder from aluminum hydroxide rapid dehydration production , its main phase rho  ρ- Al2O3, content is 70-85% commonly, specific surface area is in commonly 220 m2 / g above, has strong activity and water absorption performance, and has certain hydration activity, mainly used as the material of activated alumina ball, amorphous refractory castable binder, high-grade ceramic binder, the raw material of catalyst carrier, etc.The main crystal phase was χ -p alumina.

Production specification:

crystal phases
Chemical composition BET Pore volume Particle  size
m2/g ml/g D50μm
ρ-Al2O3 SiO2 Fe2O3 Na2O L.O.I
 ≥  ≤
ρ-Al2O3 60* 0.05 0.02 0.4 10 200 0.16 6~12
Result 75 0.01 0.008 0.35 8 240 0.2 10
*Comment:60 is for the ρ-Al2O3 composition

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